2013 new mushroom sucker speaker bluetooth

Tag:   sucker bluetooth speaker
  • Style:   BLF-BT004
  • Watt:   mushroom Bluetooth speaker
  • Parameter:   Bluetooth version: V3.0

2013 new mushroom sucker speaker bluetooth




Product size : Φ62x H59mm

Weight: 95g

Loudspeaker: 40mm

Impedance: 4Ω

Rated Power: 3W

Interface: Micro USB


Bluetooth Parameter:


Operation Frequencey: 2.400GHz-2.480GHz

Power Output(Peak): Class2/4dbm

Receiving Sensitivity: -91db, @0.1%BER

Operation Range : Up to 10m




Capacity: 400mA, 3.7V, Polymer Li-ion Battery

Music Playback time: 5-7Hours at 70% volume

Charging Standard: DC 5V, 500mA

Charging time: 1.5-2 hours




Bluetooth speaker, 1 piece

USB charging cable, 1piece;

User manual, 1piece








 1. Interface Dust Cover: Protect Power switch and micro usb port.

 2. Power switch: Switch On/Off

 3. Micro USB: Charging port .

 4.+: Volume Up

 5.-: Volume Down

 6.<: Answer/Hang up the phone call under Bluetooth Mode; Long-pressing the key to ring back the last call .

 7. Mic: Serve as microphone during hands-free call .

 8. Suction cup: Capable of sucking on any of smooth surface(Glass, Glossy wall, Ceramic, etc .)

 9. Led indicator: Built-in battery indicator

                 *Red light on:----In Charging

                 *Blue light on----Fully Charged

                 *Blue light flashing quickly----Bluetooth Pairing

                  *Blue light flashing slowly----Bluetooth pairing successfully 




Most importantly, switch on the speaker;


Play via computer:

Activate computer’s Bluetooth( if the computer doesn’t built-in BT, plug on a BT adapter, also need extra BT driver.) ----Turn speaker to pairing mode(Blue light flashing quickly)----Search BT speaker---Pairing-----Connect and Play


Play via mobile phone:


Activate mobile phone’s Bluetooth---Search BT speaker---Pairing---Connect and play



Be applicable to all Bluetooth devices.




1.Hands-free call is only available at BT connected status; still, the phone call could be interfered with high frequency environment.

2. Bluetooth is a bidirectional transmitting protocol; transmitting distance is highly related to audio player. Compatible BT players are recommended.

3. Some terminal players are without automatically switching play function. In this case, POP noise will exist in the interval of every 2 songs.

4. When BT transmitting devices can not be connected, please delete the rest BT receiving devices name on the list. Re-activate Lepa, re-searching and re-pairing.

5. The sound performance could also be affected when BT transmitting devices is under poor signal environment, or under low battery capacity . 

6. Waterproof: Only the silicone gel housing is waterproof, not involve the inner structure and components.