sun visor wireless handsfree car bluetooth speaker

Tag:   car bluetooth speaker
  • Style:   BLF-BT009
  • Watt:   hands free car bluetooth speaker
  • Parameter:   Bluetooth Version:V3.0
sun visor wireless handsfree car bluetooth speaker
1. Bluetooth VersionV3.0
2. Operating Frequency rangeISM band (2.4 ~ 2.48GHZ)
3. Working Range: up to 10 meters
4. Support Hands-Free, Headset, AVRCP Bluetooth protocol specifications.
5. Multi-point Support: Allows a speakerphone connecting with two phones at the same time.Memorize at most 8 Bluetooth phones
6. Built-in DSP makes noise suppression and echo cancellation.
7. Equipped with HI-FI speakers, and high-sensitive microphone.
8. Battery type: Lithium-ion 3.7V 650mAh (BL-5B)
9. Talk time3 ~4 hours
 Standby time7 days
 Charge time
2 ~ 3 hours
10. Dimension125mm(L) x 46mm(W) x 16mm(H)
1. Auto Power Off function: Bluetooth and phone pair successfully, when getting off the car, away from effective distance, Bluetooth will be automatically in power-saving mode and be off within 15 minutes. This will extend battery lifetime.
2. Auto connecting function: when getting on the car next time, shot press the power button, Bluetooth will pair and connect automatically, (Mobile Bluetooth must be on).
3. Multi-point Support: Allows a speakerphone connecting with two phones at the same time. In this case, any of them can automatically shift to hands-free state when there comes a phone call.
4.Dual capacity of use on desktop like a conference speakerphone and in car like a hands-free car kit
Introduction for initial use
With battery installed properly, long pressing the power button until hear a prompt beep, Red and Blue LED flashing alternately indicates power on. If need pairing code, then pls enter: 0000
If the connection is successful, the indicator light will regularly flash slowly.
Long press power button again, it will be power off.
Detailed instruction for use:
1.       Long press power button for 3 secondsyou will hear a voice promptpower on, continue to long press this button for 4 seconds to enter bluetoth pairing mode (Pairing) . After it starts up, long press power button for 4 seconds , it will be power off . ( power off…)
2.       Short press power button 2 times continuously, BT disconnect , and it will be in pairing mode again . (when pairing , the LED Blue and Red will flash alternately. if the connection is successful, the blue LED will flash slowly )
3.       When there is a phone call, short press power button to answer , Long press for 1 second to reject calls . After connecting, short press to hang up, Long press the key for 1 second to ring back the last call . Short press “MUTE” key one time, it works as encrypted function, it will recover when short press again. Short press “MUTE” key 2 times continuously, you can answer the call with phone.
4.       when play music and answer calls, short press +/- is Volume Up/Down .
No previous/next song
5.       When playing music, power button is Play/Pause .